Cortes de cabelos ruins de presos nos EUA

Veja uma lista de cortes de cabelo de alguns presos pela polícia nos Estados Unidos. Com certeza os modelos de cortes ruins já deveriam ser condenado.
 Looks like this guy took style tips from a young Pat Sharp A gallery of mugshots has been shared on line, with each suspect sporting a seriously dodgy hairstyle Looks like this guy got into a fight... with a razor This guy styled his locks into pigtails He must have thought this style best showed off his devilish good looks Clearly the shock of being arrested had an impact on his hair This guy really doesn't happy... maybe they arrested him part-way through dying his hair Looks like this lady was arrested in a hurry This must take some serious upkeep You've got to wonder why he didn't just shave off the whole lot The classic cereal bowl bonce Is it us, or does he have the look of Frank Buffay from Friends? But with a lot more hair, naturally Yet another suspect striving for the ultimate mullet This guy looks like he hadn't quite finished trimming one side Seems he got in an argument with a bottle of bleach Who needs a scarf when you can have a beard like that? He's got some serious lift in those locks This guy looks like he's channelling his inner Farrah Fawcett This guy went for an ombre mullet

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